Cotton and wool for furniture


In co-operation with Convert, Really has developed boards for furniture and mats for acoustic insulation. Both boards and mats are made from recycled textile.


The production of the textile itself has a gigantic impact on the environment. On top of that, mountains of textiles are burnt or sent to landfills  – either because the fashion is outdated or just as “normal” waste. So the potential of textile waste is enormous.

Today 95 % of the textiles we use probably could be recycled. Only 25 % actually are. With Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt, Really has launched its first products tapping into the potential of textile waste.

This is a first step on the circular journey; taking a readily available waste stream,  redefine its use, transform it into a new raw material and invite designers to turn it into something interesting.

As a champion of circular design, Really encourages innovative concepts that prolong the lifespan of textile resources. When designers and manufacturers use it responsibly, Really’s products can potentially be transformed again and made into new board for the next iteration. Really’s ambition is a no-waste solution.

Really is partly owned by Kvadrat, the global leading manufacturer of design textiles.

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