Eelgrass for acoustic

Sould Acoustic Mats made from eelgrass is the best sustainable products you get.

The Acoustic Mats have exceptional acoustic performance. This is obtained by benefitting from the natural properties of the hollow and strong eelgrass fibres. The Acoustic Mats enhance the sensory experience of interior wall and ceiling cladding whilst providing health and well-being benefits.

ENGINEERED EELGRASS — Søuld’s Acoustic Mats offer outstanding results within acoustic performance. The mats are resilient yet soft to touch—imparting texture, warmth, and a subtle scent that recalls the sea. The natural beauty of the eelgrass forges a serene connection to nature indoors and invites a sense of calm and comfort

ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE  — The gentle processed elgrass fibres in the mats contains multitude air pockets that contribute to stopping sound waves hitting the material.

FIRE RESISTANT —  The mats are available in two versions – the 40 mm mat designed for interior projects – and the 35 mm Acoustic Mats FR with improved fire resistance designed for more extensive architectural projects. Both versions contains zero harmful chemicals or additives and has extremely low emissions—ultimately creating healthy interior atmospheres that support mental and physical well-being.

SUSTAINABILITY – Our engineering of the CO₂-binding eelgrass fibres results in building materials that act as a carbon sink by locking CO₂ in the material over the building’s lifetime. The products are responsibly produced in Denmark and designed to be be fully circular with the lowest environmental impact possible.

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