Feathers for thermal packaging



Working today with Convert, AEROPOWDER have created the world’s first thermal packaging material made from surplus feathers. Pluumo matches the performance of polystyrene while also being totally compostable.


AEROPOWDER, a UK based startup, embraces the philosophy of the circular economy, having identified the huge potential in surplus feathers that are generated by the poultry industry. The vast majority of it is converted into a low grade animal feed, but AEROPOWDER believe in harnessing the natural properties of feathers to create value where previously there was simply waste. 
Pluumo has been designed to replace expanded polystyrene, a major contributor the global plastic pollution problem. It does so by having excellent insulation properties, meaning that customers can keep their food deliveries chilled using sustainable materials as they are shipped to end users. 
Thermal packaging is just the beginning. With surplus feathers being a globally available resource, the team at AEROPOWDER are excited to see what materials could be produced for all different kinds of industries. Beyond their own products, they also hope to inspire companies to think creatively about the waste they generate and discover what innovation is possible through cross industry collaboration. 

Read more on Pluumo’s website.