Using and recycling fibers

Convert wants to contribute to a better, cleaner, more responsible and innovative use of materials. We develop new materials from fibres - many of which are neither used nor recycled today.

Waste and excessive use of virgin materials is a big problem for the planet. Governments and international organisations all over the world have for many years now been working on regulations to minimize waste, reduce CO² emissions, reuse resources and lessen the use of virgin materials. Also the population are increasingly aware of the environmental challenges and ask for products that contribute to a cleaner world. And they tend to live it out by their preferences and decisions.

The necessity to react to climate changes is what made us establish Convert. We wish to support the growing awareness that humans do have an impact on the world, for better or worse. We want to do better!

Understand Converts process:

  • Raw material is shredded down to a basic fiber or granulate
  • Fiber or granulate is mixed to a composite
  • Composite is made into a non-woven mat
  • Mat is pressed into finished or semi-finished product

Depending on the type of fiber, the shredding and the handling, the mat can be used for almost any conceivable purpose - right from growth media to insulation mat, mat for absorbing oil, solid board or furniture.


From fraction to fibers


From fibers to composite


From composite to non-woven mat


From mat to finished goods

Contact us, if you want to make a product that:

  • maximizes the use of resources (minimize or avoid waste)
  • makes use of “new” variants of material
  • uses more ecologically friendly materials
  • minimizes the use of virgin materials
  • is cradle-to-cradle certified
  • or supports sustainability goals within the building industry (DGNB)

We work with organic raw material such as hemp, seaweed (eelgrass), coconut fibres, flax, sawdust, textile, feathers etc.

We also work with waste products such as paper, textiles, stone- and glass-wool, glass fibre and polyester.

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